Wednesday, January 28, 2009

what I'm listening to

No, I don't have an ipod nor do I really have any interest in getting one. Nor doI download from the internet to get all of my music; although, I have done it a couple of times. I am of the "purchase my music at the record store" school; either that or I buy it online. I still buy full length albums (yes, I still call them albums) and do not usually discriminate as to who I buy because one of these days I will be a part-time DJ at parties, weddings and other types of gatherings. But I do still have yet to buy Britney Spears's new album.

Anyway, the album I'm currently (yes, right at this very moment) listening to and enjoying is Pink's Funhouse. Her fifth (and possibly most personal) studio album features some rockin' and emotional anthems, downright somber ballads and just about everything in-between. A few of my favorites:

Ave Mary A: Between the toils and troubles all around the world and the fact that hate is prevalent no matter where you go, there must be someone who can help us slow down, take inventory and love. Apparently not! Even Mary left the chaotic and mad world. The title is a play on Ave Maria and, I actually had to look this up, but Ave is Latin for Hail and then Mary, so Hail, Mary. I don't know how to say a Hail Mary because I wasn't raised Catholic but apparently they are useful for redeeming yourself for any sins you may have committed.

Sober: This mid-tempo power ballad describes the struggle between loving yourself without any crutches or leaning on anyone and relying on a vice to help us feel good about ourselves. It's a very personal song and the meaning on Wikipedia is very interesting. Apparently it was written when Pink threw a party and everyone except for her was drunk. She just wanted them to leave and she wondered how she could "feel this good sober."

It's All Your Fault: You meet the perfect man or woman and they call you beautiful but you find yourself wanting to leave and then you're forced to leave. The struggle that we sometimes put ourselves through instead of just being happy.

The whole album is really good and deserves a listen. Even if you've never heard Pink a lot of the songs are mainstream enough for even the fussiest listener.

Whatever you're listening to, enjoy.



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