Monday, February 12, 2007

weekly post from February 12, 2007

Hello friends & loved ones,

I have no excuse for not writing last week; I was just lazy. I'm late this week but I'm at least writing.

It's still cold here in Western, NY although today it is in the high 20's. I was tempted to wear shorts to celebrate after weeks of zero and below temps. They are calling for a storm this week but I'm really really hoping we don't get hit; hopefully it will be kept to a minimum.

The big news this past week was the death of Anna Nicole Smith; it really was similar to the death of her son Daniel five months ago. Smith was a punch line for most, if not all, the time she spent in the spotlight and she seemed to attract scandal no matter where she went. From her marriage to J. Howard Marshall to her Playboy days to the paternity issue of her daughter. This woman, it seemed, could not get a break. I have no idea what her personal life was really like; I only know what I read and see. Some of us may know people who are constantly attracting drama or getting into situations that are not healthy or beneficial to them. It's always a question of, WHY? We try to understand, we try to be supportive, we try to help out but we may continue to ask, WHY?

I have no idea if Smith was unhappy in her life but I do know that many people think happiness comes from the outside. People just do not seem to understand or grasp that that is just the opposite of where happiness starts. 'If I could just have more money, have a better job, have more friends, have a better house, have a better car, be famous, live somewhere exotic......' Yes, those things would be nice but only for a while. After a while something else would come along and it would be, "I want, I want." The people we meet that are truly happy really are the people who know that happiness is something that starts inside of us and goes outward. Let's all strive to be truly happy...from the inside.



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