Sunday, February 25, 2007

weekly post from February 25, 2007

Hello my friends & loved ones,

Another week gone by and the "in like a lion" month looms straight ahead. It got cold again this past week here in Western, NY and I've been hearing that we might get another storm this week (oh, just the one?). Yes, March is infamous for its wicked weather so we're not quite in the clearing yet.

Last night we went to a church member's house and had a party for another church member who will soon be moving back to Michigan. Michigan? Yes, Michigan. That's where she's from and where her family is. Anyway, it was a surprise party and everyone was asked to donate a little money to help with moving expenses. There were about 25 or 26 people there and the age range was from 22 to 79. Someone at one point said they wouldn't call it a church function but there was only one person there who was not a member of the church so I would have called it a church function. And just like at the Christmas party back in December, we had fun at this party. I remember hearing (from Jim) that some people (not church members) were surprised that a church function could be so much fun and so raucous. Well why not? We're people too. We like to let our hair down and who says that we have to be uptight just because it's a church function? Someone also commented to me last night that I was different out in public than I am in church. I admit I'm a little less loud in church and do like to ham it up when I'm out. In fact, last night, our group was really loud and someone at one point said it sounded like a bar only without the stumbling drunk people or the bar fights. Just people having a lot of fun, enjoying each other's company, and just being themselves. There's nothing wrong with that. One should not have to hide oneself or pretend to be something their not. As long as no one's being hurt then just keep it real, keep it real.

Whatever you are doing this weekend and wherever you are I hope you are just being you; keepin' it real. Don't hide!

Until next week: Stay safe, stay happy, and stay healthy and stay real. And many of you know what I'll be doing tonight.



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